Paper plates masks.

After her younger sister (age 2) goes to bed my oldest daughter (age 6) and I spend around 30 minutes to an hour together playing or experimenting with art nightly. During the day it’s difficult to play board games and create art using various supplies because my youngest is at the age in which she likes to participate although she gets bored rather quickly and begins grabbing everything and tossing it all over the place. Which can make playing a game of my oldest daughters choice difficult.

Tonight my oldest decided she wanted to make paper plate masks for her dads birthday. I often allow her to choose the materials she wants to use in which she chose paper plates, popsicle sticks, glue, and markers. I brought out water colors as well. I use art time in our home as a time for my daughters to feel in charge and break away from a strict learning regimen. My oldest gets upset quickly when she feels she isn’t in control of a situation, she likes to make the rules and do things the way she wants. Therefore I allow her to choose projects she’d like to make during art time to give her a safe place to be in control and allow her creative side to show through.

A mask my daughter made for me to wear.
A tiger mask that I made.

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Above items are my Amazon picks for crafting with kids.

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