Egg matching game.

With Easter coming up in a few weeks I made an Easter egg theme activity that can be used in a variety of ways. I made several sets of cards to go along with the eggs for different age levels and skills. For my youngest daughter (age 2) I made cards with the numeral number on them and cards with shapes on them to match with the eggs. For my oldest daughter (age 6) I made cards with the written number word and written shape word on them. For her to practice reading in a fun way. I left the eggs uncolored for kids to color themselves depending on their skill level. After the egg cards were colored I then laminated everything for durability. You could print them on cardstock to make them less see through.

A game idea with the cards could be placing the egg cards face up and picking whichever set of cards matches the skill you want your child to work on. Placing those cards in a pile and having your child pick a card and place it on top of the correct egg. For example the number four would go with the egg that has four shapes on it.

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