Valentine’s Day inspired craft and coloring pages.

With Valentine’s Day landing on a Sunday this year I wanted to find fun Valentine’s Day inspired activities for the weekend. I asked my oldest daughter what she’d want to make. I suggested heart monsters. She had informed me that heart monsters were silly and didn’t make sense. I asked her what about animals, she declined that idea and decided she wanted to make a heart person. Often when it comes to crafts she often wants to do it her own way, this time she wanted me to make her a basic template to color and cut out. At her age I try to get her to practice her writing as much as possible therefore I placed a To: and From: spot and turned the heart people into cards. I made one template as a kid with a dress and the as a kid without a dress.

M youngest daughter (age 2) heart people cards.
My oldest daughter (age 6) heart people cards.

For added learning fun I also made five Valentine’s Day theme coloring pages for early readers. One of the coloring pages can also be used as 4 Valentine’s Day cards that kids can color, and cut out to give away to friends and family for the holiday.

Can also be used as fun cards to decorate and cut out for Valentine’s Day.
For additional scissor practice the heart can be cut out and given away as a homemade gift for Valentine’s Day.

Talking about Valentine’s Day and looking at the symbol of a heart I wanted to talk more about the human heart to my youngest daughter (age 2). When we look at the shape of a heart I often ask her where is your heart in which she points to her chest, and I’ll explain to her that her heart pumps the blood through her body. I filled out a simple sheet about the human heart that I printed out in which I could use to remember the main talking points I wanted to cover with my daughter’s about the human heart. I also made a simple sheet to print out with information about Valentine’s Day. The possible theory of how Valentine’s Day came about is morbid. I tried to keep it simple and straight to the point. The world isn’t built on perfect and I don’t believe painting a light in which it is perfect is a healthy thing for anyone. Therefore I try to be honest with my children while not bombarding them with all the terrible truths of the past. Of course as parents/caregivers we all must choose what we feel is appropriate for our children therefore I kept the human heart and Valentine’s Day sheets separate that way it’d be easier if you chose that you wanted to print out the human heart facts and not the Valentine’s Day sheet.

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