Read, play, and learn Polar animals activity.

Where we live it has been cold and snowing the past few days. Therefore a short unit talking about Polar animals felt fitting. My daughters (age 2 and 6) are still at the ages in which their attention spans are short which in response I keep our lessons simple yet informative. In order to remember the main information I want to share with my children I often make fact sheets to read to them. With the main ideas that keep our lessons straight to the point and helps me remember the facts as I guide them through the lesson.

My youngest daughter (age 2) is working on her verbal communication and taking in new words to build a larger vocabulary. On the other side my oldest daughter (age 6) is learning to read and write. I made an activity using polar animals that would help my oldest to read and write, my youngest to expand her vocabulary, and provide them both with a fun sorting activity in which they sort the animals into the correct Polar Region.

The cards can also be used in sentences for early readers to read. For additional learning the child can even write the sentences themselves to practice their writing. I wrote the sentences down on a dry erase board.

Sentences for early readers.

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My Amazon picks for informative books to go along with the theme.

Click the image below for an additional activity involving penguins.

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