Teaching the color red in Spanish.

My daughters are currently ages two and six. With my youngest I have been working on a more structured learning process in which we focus on a different color each week among other subjects. My oldest I’ve been trying to expose her to the language of Spanish therefore I decided it felt fitting to work their learning units together.

For the color red I made a color poster in Spanish and English for my oldest. That way I could introduce her to several words in the Spanish language in order to gradually expand her Spanish vocabulary. I also made a simple worksheet for her to match the picture to the correct word.

I placed the sheets of paper within dry erase pockets that go inside a binder that way as we move through our Spanish learning series my daughter can go back and review everything she has learned, and also re-use each activity as often as she wants.

The color is red poster in Spanish and Engligh.
Match the picture to the correct word worksheet in Spanish.

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Page protectors shown above are the ones I used for my daughters Spanish binder. “A book in four languages colors.” is a great a book to help teach colors to children not only in Spanish, it also covers English, Mandarin, and French.

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