Color learning Halloween theme puzzles.

Currently with my youngest daughter I’ve been working on color recognition. While my oldest is learning to read the written word of colors. With Halloween soon approaching I decided to make a fun Halloween theme color puzzle for my daughters as extra practice. I printed out the puzzles then laminated for extra durability. My oldest then helped me cut out all the pieces.

My youngest daughter almost two can stay interested in the activity for several minutes before kicking all the puzzle pieces around with her feet and laughing. At her age my focus is to make sure that I am exposing her to the basics because the more exposure the quicker and better it will sink in. Her Halloween puzzle I printed out in colorful ink that way she could match the colorful word to it’s matching colorful image.

My youngest daughter almost age 2

My oldest daughter enjoys puzzles. She’s always proud of herself when she matches up the words correctly to their pictures. Since she’s in Kindergarten a huge focus is reading therefore I chose to use black ink for all the words. I wanted her to put the work in and actually read each word rather than see the visual color.

My oldest daughter almost age 6

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Thanks for stopping by and please remember anything found on is meant to be done with adult supervision. Also please remember all printable activities are for personal use only. If looking for more color learning fun click on images below for more ideas and printable activities.

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