Month of October’s focus colors are black and orange.

My youngest daughter is turning two in November therefore my husband and I are working on teaching her the basics. Colors, shapes, etc. I’ve recently decided to concentrate on two colors to represent each month. This month October the focus colors are black and orange for Halloween.

I made two colors posters and color cards for orange and black with a Halloween sort of theme that I laminated for durability.

When playing with my youngest I read the poster and point to the pictures repeating the color each time. Then we take the cards and match each one to the correct corresponding spot on the poster.

When playing with my oldest I write short sentences for her to read using the cards to fill in parts of the sentence.

My oldest also uses the cards to practice writing with, which is great because she isn’t always interested in writing practice.

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The magnetic alphabet board is a great tool for learning to write letters. My daughters enjoy playing with the counting bears sorting by colors and they double as a great counting tool.

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