Learning colors with birds.

With my oldest daughter starting online Kindergarten in September, and my youngest turning two in November, I’ve been trying to create more printable activities to hold me accountable and keep me on point with teaching my youngest daughter colors amongst other basic early educational concepts.

My youngest daughter enjoys watching birds when outside, or when looking out the window she points at the birds on the front lawn. Therefore I went ahead and created a poster of colorful birds we can look at daily and name the colors as she points to each one.

In addition to the poster I made a color matching activity consisting of colorful birds to match with their corresponding colorful nest. I laminated the whole activity, cut out the birds, and placed magnets on the back of it all to use with our magnetic wall. It would also work great as a simple cut and paste matching activity as well if you choose not to laminate the activity.

My oldest daughter testing the activity out for her little sister.
The magnets are small activity is meant to be done with adult supervision.

I printed out two pages of birds by themselves without the nests in order to laminate and cut out. My daughters enjoy playing in their play tent and using their binoculars. Therefore the birds not made into magnets I plan to use for a pretend play activity in which we look for birds. After gathering the birds they can sit in their play tent and call out the color of the birds we all found. Also each person can count the number of birds collected giving us a chance to work on our number skills as well.

Please remember all printable activities and or images found on LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com are for personal use only, and are not to be redistributed and or altered.

All activities on LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com are meant to be done with adult supervision. Especially any and all activities that use sticker back magnets because they can pose a choking hazard in small children. (I am a participant in Amazon Affiliates and any qualifying purchases through Amazon Affiliate links I may earn a commission on at no extra cost to you.)


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