Teaching young children the word for the color blue in Spanish.

Weekly I pick a color of the week for my oldest daughter (age 6) and youngest daughter (age 2) to learn in Spanish. For the color blue I made a color poster and a corresponding matching worksheet to go along with it. I place the sheets inside my daughter’s Spanish binder within a protector sheet in order to make the matching activity reusable that way my daughter can use it as a review.

“A book in four languages colors,” is a great way to introduce Spanish to children as well as other languages at the same time.


Teaching Spanish to young kids.

My oldest daughter has been wanting to learn Spanish for some time. We had started the process although we never stuck to it enough for her to retain the material fully. For awhile we had been working on learning about a new country every week to expose my daughters to other cultures. The downfall was that picking a new country every week I didn’t feel my daughters were retaining the information. Also we would touch base upon different languages that were spoken in other countries which took away from our focus of learning Spanish.

Therefore I’ve decided to go about exposing my daughters to cultures and languages differently. In order to teach my daughters Spanish I’ve decided to run the lessons corresponding with my youngest daughters letter of the week theme. Therefore week one (Aa) my oldest daughter will learn the words apple, almonds, alligator, airplane, acorn, and angel in Spanish.

Before turning to a concrete lesson plan of teaching my daughters Spanish I had created two posters to touch base with colors, and different words in Spanish. I myself am not fluent in Spanish therefore when it comes to lesson plans I needed something that broke it all down in a way to teach myself at the same time.

Books we’ve used in the past and I’ll be implementing during our Spanish lessons now and in the future are several books.

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The book Mis Primeras 100 Palabras My first 100 words is a book both my oldest daughter age 6 and youngest age 2 enjoy using. Being that we bought it as a board book it holds up to my youngest daughters destructive curiosity. My oldest often has me quiz her by me saying a word in Spanish and her naming the correct word in English as we look at the book together. It names a handful of animals, toys, vehicles, clothing, food, and has two pages dedicated to body parts. I personally find the body part pages the most helpful part of the book, labeled both in Spanish and English. Which helps me out greatly as I’m still learning/refreshing on Spanish myself. I’ve taken courses in College although I had difficulty retaining the information. I find the simplicity of the book quite helpful.

The book Let’s Learn Spanish First Words for Everyone, by Aurora Cacciapuoti is a useful reference to beginner Spanish. As a mother trying to teach Spanish to her daughters and learning herself at the same time, the first several pages are helpful because it gives a brief introduction to Spanish. It is more informative than our board book although I don’t often use it with my youngest because being a paperback it’s likely to get tore up. It is a great book to use with a Kindergartener. It has animals, body parts, food, colors, numbers, clothes, occupations, family, weather and seasons, and more.

A book in Four Languages English, Spanish. French, Mandarin, colors is a simple board book that works great for my two years old that is still in the phase of ripping things. I emphasize each color in English first then will say each in the other languages. I do like how it shows the correct pronunciation of each word which I find quite useful.

A Book in Four Languages English, Spanish. French, Mandarin, Numbers is another simple board book with fruits and vegetables. My youngest and I count the fruit/vegetable on each page in English, and then will say the number in the other languages.

The Scout & Violet 100 Words Book is helpful when introducing Spanish to young kids because it is an electronic book with two modes one in English and one in Spanish. Being electronic we can hear the proper pronunciation of each word in Spanish and it allows my daughters a little more independency with Spanish learning. My youngest can click whichever picture she wants and hear the words she chooses. Kids seem to learn better when they’re able to be in control at least my kids that is.

As we move through our Spanish learning unit I’ll begin to share our week to week lesson plans in future posts.

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