The number is three and the shape is an oval.

For my youngest daughter (age 2) preschool lessons the shape of the week for week three was an oval. I made a coloring page with a simple sentence for early readers such as my oldest daughter (age 6). I also made an oval tracing activity appropriate for both their ages. I placed the tracing sheet within a dry erase pocket to make it a reusable activity.

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Above items are great puzzles that I use with my daughters to help reinforce numbers and shape learning. My youngest daughter enjoys using the teach my toddler kit. It’s a helpful resource in teaching fundamental concepts however the colors are slightly off. I use it as a way to explain the fact colors come in different shades.

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Leaves with shapes coloring pages.

Most weeks I give my daughters five coloring pages with simple sentences for early readers to read and color together. The month of November we went with a leaves theme for the last month of Fall.

My youngest daughter is beginning to learn names for different shapes. Therefore I made five fun leaf coloring pages with different shapes for extra practice and exposure for my youngest daughter that she could do along side her older sister.

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Fall/Autumn counting tree design can be found for purchase at the NanaHedgehog shop on Redbubble.
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I am made of shapes! Pumpkin dough mats.

With my daughters having a four year age gap I’m always trying to find and come up with activities that are suitable for both their levels. My youngest is turning two in November therefore my husband and I are working on introducing her to different shapes. Both my daughters enjoy using dough to create and play with. Therefore I made a fun pumpkin theme dough mat to go along with our other dough tools. The pumpkin is made up of various shapes for my youngest, while keeping in mind my oldest daughter I made sure I labeled everything I’m always trying to expose her to letters and the fact letters make words. The more exposure to simple reading the better.

I am made of shapes pumpkin printable.
Playing together.

If you hate the mess of dough and not interested in a dough activity the Shape Pumpkin can be printed out and decorated for fun as well. It could even be cut out for fine motor practice. Any way in which it’s used it can be a great way to introduce children to shapes and for older children the written word of shapes.

I made the Shape Pumpkin both in color and without color. I personally try to reserve color ink as much as possible therefore whenever plausible I print out in black and white. It also allows my daughter to color things in making it feel more like her own. In case anyone was interested in a colorful play dough placemat I provided one of those as well.

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Items above are some of the Play-Doh kits my daughters and I play with on a regular basis.

Thanks for stopping by Please remember any activities found on are meant to be done under adult supervision especially when using play dough with small children. Also please remember any printable found on are for personal use only thanks. Hope you enjoy the I Am Made of Shapes Pumpkin. If looking for more Pumpkin theme and or Halloween theme fun click on the images below.

Preschool toy store scene. I want to buy a ______ at the toy store.

I recently ran out of ink for the printer, my daughter kept asking if I had ink yet because she had a request. Naturally when my husband came home after work with ink my daughter immediately informed me of her request. She wanted a store, and people with masks, because of course masks are mandatory. She said the masks were the most important. This is what I made.

After my daughter and I colored, I laminated, and she cut out the pieces.

I chose a simple sentence “I want to buy a ________ at the toy store,” to fit in a little reading with play time. I’ve been trying to get my daughter to really focus in and learn to read number words. I decided to use this as an opportunity to casually throw that concept in. Originally the people each had a number one, two, three, and four. My daughter cut out all the pieces herself except for the person with the word two, which means my intentions fell short. She got in a short scissor practice so not a total loss.

I chose to refrain from using color because it saves on color ink and currently I’m still out of that because black and white was the only in stock. Also it gives us a chance to sit down together as we color and talk about the picture. I can ask her to read the sentence and look at the words with their corresponding images.

I’ve been making people with shapes recently because it gives me more opportunities to plug in shapes with my youngest daughter. Who will grab anything my oldest is playing with.

Besides the toy scene I made a printable to go along with it. A simple circle the correct number. It looks like this.

I apologize for the crumby state of the images, I had forgotten to take a picture before giving the sheets to my oldest, when my youngest was wide awake and ready to snatch anything. I could have reprinted, or taken a picture from my computer, I figure that’s real life though. I’m just a mom trying to educate my children all awhile dealing with the chaos that comes with it.

Printable isn’t in color, pictures taken after my daughter and I colored the pages.

I always laminate the scene and people to make it durable and last more than one use. (I am a participant in the Amazon affiliates program and any qualifying purchases purchased through links above I may earn a commission from.)

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