Shapes board games for preschool age.

Game board using toys as each players piece.

My youngest is learning her shapes. She often mixes up the square and rectangle. Therefore I made three different boards each covering three different shapes. I kept the rectangle and square separate so she could focus on each separately.

How to play…
1. A player rolls the dice.
2. Move that number of spaces.
3. Call out the name of the shape they land on.
4. At the finish the player names each shape in the finish spot.
A super simple quick game. It keeps my daughter’s (age 3) attention span and helps her quickly identify her shapes.

What you need to play…
-Game board (laminated optional)
-game pieces (we used small toys, you can use bingo chips, game pieces from another board game, whatever you want.)

circle, heart, triangle, and square game board
octagon, diamond, oval, and pentagon game board
trapezoid, hexagon, rectangle, and star game board

I made the board games to encourage a more fun approach then just looking at a poster and reading off shapes with my youngest. Board games encourage turn taking and patience a quality I try to instill in my children. I hope the shape themed board games can help switch up your routine with your preschooler as well. Enjoy : )

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Teach my preschooler kit above is a helpful tool when it comes to teaching the basics because several subjects are all in one place easy to find and bring out when needed. I don’t know if any one else goes through the same struggle of trying to keep track of all their learning tools and toys and keeping their space neat and cluttered free. I certainly do and I can say that it helps having several basic skills in one place (numbers, alphabet, shapes, and colors.)

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