Teaching Spanish week 1. Learning the word for heart and the number one in Spanish.

Week 1 the shape is a heart and the number is one. I made a simple coloring page in Spanish with one heart on it to represent the shape and number of the week. I also made a simple tracing activity written in both Spanish and English as reference for myself. I myself am not fluent in Spanish and am learning as I go therefore I make sure to put the English translation next to each sentence.

Placed in a binder pocket sheet.
Placed in a binder pocket sheet to make it reusable.

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Letter, number, shape, and color of the week.

Starting in January I plan on introducing week focuses to hold me accountable when it comes to my two year old daughter preschool lessons. I made a simple chart to update each week with the corresponding letter, number, shape, and color of the week. I placed the chart in a dry erase pocket that way I wouldn’t have to print one each week. By placing a Velcro command strip to the back of the pocket chart I’m able to place it upon my daughters learning wall in the living room.

Basic chart.

My oldest being in Kindergarten already knows her colors, numbers, letters, and most of the shapes therefore I felt it was a great opportunity to bridge their learning process together. By teaching the color of the week, shapes, and number I could make her a Spanish/English chart. That way she could learn in Spanish what my youngest is working on in English, which gives my youngest exposure to Spanish as well. I chose to go with word of the week rather than letter of the week. For example if the letter of the week is Aa then we could learn to say apple in Spanish.

Spanish/English chart

We had begun to learn Spanish, although we never committed to learning it on a regular basis. My daughters enjoy reading the Spanish books my husband and I bought them. Besides reading the books we rarely set time aside each day to learn Spanish. For a while we were studying a new country each week and being exposed to other languages which was great the downside was that it just didn’t feel like enough. My daughters weren’t retaining much of the information and I kept falling behind on getting material together. Therefore I’ve decided to switch the way we were going about it and focus in on a specific language and talk about countries in which speak that specific language. I haven’t decided how long we will focus in on each language, sometimes it works out better if I allow my daughters the opportunity to see how they feel and not rush the learning process.

As I gather and create a comprehensive lesson plan I’ll share each in it’s corresponding post. Until then if your interested in just doing it in your own way, in an order that works best for the kids your teaching you can download the free charts through the links below.

(I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and any qualifying purchases made through Amazon affiliate links I may earn a commission on at no additional cost to you.)

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