Earth day superheroes made out of recycled materials.


Today for Earth day my daughters and I made our own Earth day super heroes out of recycled materials.

My youngest and I used various toys and popsicle sticks to make our Earth Day superheroes. When finished my youngest and I taped our superheroes within an old cereal box. I cut out the front of the box to display the superheroes and hung it in my daughters room. We named our superheroes fan-man (the yellow fan), baby shark (the red smiley face toy), Yoyoyo (the red fan), and Harmonica (the harmonica on popsicles sticks). My daughter named all but Fan-Man. Her superheroes names were inspired by two of her favorite songs we often listen to on repeat which are Baby Shark and Police Car Song.

Earth made out of cardboard, construction paper scraps, and an index card.

I had put aside the front part of the cereal box I had cut off to display our superheroes in. I ended up using that piece to cut out a circle to make an Earth in which we placed behind the superheroes. We used construction paper scraps and glued them onto the circle. My daughter placed a sticker on it in which she had ripped the head off of by accident onto our Earth. She then glued an index card on top of it.

My oldest daughters superhero. Garbage cleaner Joshua.
My oldest daughters superhero. Garbage cleaner Bob.

Tomorrow I’m going to have her write a story all about her Earth Day superheroes and how they help save our planet. It’ll be perfect for her half an hour writing time we are suppose to get in each school day. In which we do our best, she often argues about her writing time. In which I explain it is a requirement.

To all the other parents, caregivers, and or teachers out there I hope our Earth Day superheroes inspire you to dig through your recycle bin and make your own. It’s a fun art activity and can be turned into a fun writing activity as kids make up a story of their own all about their hero.

My oldest daughters messy work area with her art supplies and random toys all around.
My youngest daughters messy work area, as she digs in and gets to work.

I’ll be honest the mess that happens during arts and crafts time in our house drives me crazy. The clean up takes time and makes me reluctant to start a project. It’s worth it though because they have fun, and get a chance to express themselves and work on their creative skills. I am a believer that creativity is within us all it’s just a matter of using it as with any skill. It’s an important skill to have for anyone even if art isn’t something they enjoy doing. Creativity is used in many professions a baker creating a cake, a doctor trying to find a diagnosis among many things. Creative literally means using your imagination and original ideas, and a doctor although can look through a medical journal searching for a diagnosis at one point or another every illness was unknown. Sometimes they need to think out of the box and enhancing our creative intelligence makes that possible.

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In our house I bring out the crayola easel during art. It’s a reasonable price and is filled with what we use the most during arts and crafts time.

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Recycled art projects inspired by Earth Day.

Sunday being our last day of Spring break I decided I wanted to do something fun with my daughters. They both enjoy creating art. With Earth day coming up on April 22nd it felt fitting to incorporate recycled media into our art project. I told them they could create whatever they wanted the only stipulation I had was that they had to incorporate recycled materials. I grabbed out our basket of recyclable materials my two year old daughter dumped them all out on the floor and began to dig in.

My youngest daughter searching for what she wanted to use.
My oldest daughter busy creating.

My oldest daughter (age 6) likes to do almost everything her own way, and when she’s given suggestions it’s met with frustration. Therefore when it comes to art I allow her to do what she wants how she wants because art is a safe place to express oneself. In life we all need a place to feel in control and art is that place for her.

My youngest daughter (age 2) making a monster with me.
Our monsters front view showing it’s belly.
Our monsters side view, she wanted to tape a water bottle to its back.

My youngest daughter started off looking for materials she wanted to use for her own project. Quickly she changed her mind and jumped in to help me with mine. We used a box and a plastic piece from a toy figurine package to make our monster. I cut the front off the box, then my daughter and I filled it with various things which would represent what the monster had ate. We taped it to the box. When finished my daughter insisted on taping a water bottle to the back of the monster. To me it looked like jet pack to help the monster fly. We added construction paper to the top to make a face.

A monster with a bottle for an eye.
A cereal box with construction paper on it. A sail boat, person placed on a monster with a fanny pack. My oldest daughters description of her art project.
Oatmeal box on a water jug made by my oldest daughter. (age 6)

My oldest daughter made several different projects. When we finished I then was left with trying to decide what to do with everything we made. My daughter and I hung most of the projects on our walls in the living room and kitchen with yarn. Our house is filled of their art all over the walls, I love their projects although they take up a lot of space. Therefore I placed a tote in my oldest daughter’s room to fill with crafts she has made since not everything fits upon the walls of our tiny home.

Since we made a few monsters my oldest daughter decided she wanted to play with the monster sight word characters I’ve made in the past. My children memories are much better than mine, so I was lost for a moment on what she was talking about. Then I remembered the characters I had made for Halloween. In our house we try to re-use and keep previous learning materials to save on waste. Therefore we pulled them out of the closet and used them to hide throughout the house.

Click image above to find the monster characters to hide, find, and read.

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With Earth day coming up this month it’s a great time to get inspired and create using recycled materials. I hope some of these ideas inspire you and your little ones to get out there create and reuse and remember messes can always be cleaned up. That’s what I remind myself during art time when all our materials are scattered all over the place and our living room is a complete mess.