Pot of colorful, shape, and sight word coins.

On March 17th we celebrate Leprechaun Day. In which every year the night before my daughters make their own leprechaun boxes that they leave out for leprechauns to stop by and have a place to sleep for the night. As a thank you for their hotel accommodations the leprechauns leave a surprise in the boxes that my daughters excitedly open on March 17th.

To go along with their surprises my daughters and I made pots out of paper towel rolls to be filled of gold. As a fun learning treat I made colorful coins, coins with shapes on them, and blank gold coins to write sight words on. As a fun way to cover several of the basic skills we’re working on. I laminated the coins for durability and left the sight word ones blank that way I could erase and write different words to practice.

Build a Colorful Caterpillar game for young learners.

My youngest daughter (age 2) is always pointing out animals and bugs all around her because of that interest I’ve been gathering and making supplies for a bug theme learning unit to use throughout the summer for both my daughters. For a fun color learning game I made a template to print out, laminate for durability, and cut out. The concept of the game is to build a colorful caterpillar.

Colorful Caterpillar

I added green legs with different color words on them to use as an additional matching activity for early readers. I’m always trying to incorporate reading into games to keep them appropriate for my oldest daughter (age 6) as well.

The game can be played by laying the pieces out and allowing the children to grab them and build a caterpillar. Or for a more active version to get the kids up and moving you can hide the pieces throughout the house and or classroom and have the kids build the caterpillar as they find each piece. It can be done alone, or as a great co-op activity.

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