Animal shape puppets.

Yesterday I shared animal shape coloring pages I made for my daughters to color over the weekend. My daughters were excited about the coloring pages and decided they didn’t want to wait for the weekend and we went ahead and colored them today. My youngest insisted on making them into masks in which I suggested making them into fun little puppets instead. Which gave my daughters scissor practice for the day. Although my youngest (age 2) is still learning how to hold scissors properly I allowed her to cut the paper and then finished cutting out the animals.

Supply List For Puppets…
-Animal Shapes coloring pages
-crayons, markers, coloring pencils, etc.
-popsicle sticks

My oldest daughters puppets.
A puppet my youngest daughter made.
My youngest daughter claimed her puppets weren’t being nice therefore she had to rip them up.
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Outside for active learning.

After our mess was cleaned from the puppet making we headed outside for an active learning session. In which we played tag, went for a short walk, and my oldest made a fun maze with sidewalk chalk. She wrote out the words (start) and (finish) which gave her a chance to practice sounding out words in a way in which she approved. For extra learning you could add sight words throughout the maze and have your young learners read them as they walk upon each word to get to the finish line. In my household I only add in the amount I know my daughters will be willing to take on for the day. If I add to much outside of my daughters school curriculum in learning she gets upset and it’s a struggle to bring her back to a stable place in which we can get her to learn for the day.

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Five coloring pages for early readers that are perfect for children that like animals.

I find when my oldest daughter (age 6) is reading she often tends to try to sound out sight words in which I remind her that certain words are more difficult to sound out and are meant to be memorized. With that in mind I made five fun coloring pages for my daughters to color over the weekend. Each page contains sentences containing plenty of sight words perfect for early readers. I bolded the sight words to make it easier for my daughter to spot them and remember they are words she needs to memorize rather than sound out. I went with numbers 1-5 for my youngest daughter (age 2). Although she can count to 10 I want to teach her the concept of numbers.

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Updated Animals We See Outside Graphing Activity.

I recently posted a graphing activity I did with my daughters in which we marked down how many animals we saw outside and after coming back inside we went ahead and placed that data upon a graph. The first version had five types of animals one of them being bugs. I updated the original version and expanded the concept by making two charts instead of one. The first chart now has deer instead of bug as a category it looks like this…

The second chart has five different types of bugs to look for outside. It looks like this…

Before marking our data on the graph I went over what a graph looks like again with my daughter using our reference graph that I had laminated previously. It looks like this…

I laminated and used dry erase markers to reuse again later.
I laminated and used dry erase markers to reuse again later.
Simple math.

I used math link cubes and a dry erase board to do a simple math problem with the data we found. My daughter chose orange cubes to represent butterflies because we saw an orange butterfly and that was her favorite one. She chose purple cubes to represent birds because she says some times their poop is purple. I had her count the cubes as I wrote down the numbers and we talked about how many we saw total between butterflies and birds.

After we filled out graphs with the data we collected. My youngest as she often is was right in the middle of it all trying to get her hands on everything.

Rainbow Person.

My daughter started off with the butterfly category, and decided she didn’t want to leave all the other categories blank even though we hadn’t seen the other types of bugs. She went ahead and made a rainbow person to fully decorate her graph. I also laminated the graphs because I knew we’d do this activity again and I wanted to be a little less wasteful therefore I made the activity reusable.

If you don’t own a laminator dry erase pocket sleeves are a great solution. I often use them when I want to reserve lamination sheets. Also I often use them as storage and hang them on walls. (I am a participant in the Amazon affiliates program and any qualifying purchases made through links above I may earn a commission on at no extra cost to you.)