The letter of the week is Dd.

To help my youngest (age 2) to begin to recognize letters and learn more words I have been utilizing a letter of the week theme. For the letter Dd I made a poster to use as a visual aid throughout the week that we could save and review many times. To go along with it I made a matching worksheet in which my oldest daughter (age 6) could use to practice her reading skills. At age 2 I don’t expect my youngest to retain each letter, my intention is exposure. The more a child is exposed to the more they will retain later. With that in mind I placed the pages within a dry erase pocket that I store upon our learning wall to reuse the matching page. When finished with the week I placed everything within a folder to bring out and review again. Of course you can choose to laminate each page for durability, I however chose not to in order to save on lamination paper.

Dd is for duck coloring page.

The image below shows step by step directions for a letter Dd inspired dinosaur craft that doesn’t involve printing anything out. You can choose to keep it simple and allow your kid to just trace the letters with finger paint, markers, etc. If your looking for more ideas that doesn’t involve printing anything out check out your local dollar store for alphabet workbooks.

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Items above are great tools and toys we use to implement alphabet learning in fun ways.

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