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The number is two and the shape is a circle.

I recently started a more structuralized learning approach for my youngest daughter age two in which we have a weekly number and shape that we focus in on. The number I choose for the week corresponds with the week were on. Therefore week 2 the focus number was two and the shape was a circle. […]

Teaching young children the word for the color blue in Spanish.

Weekly I pick a color of the week for my oldest daughter (age 6) and youngest daughter (age 2) to learn in Spanish. For the color blue I made a color poster and a corresponding matching worksheet to go along with it. I place the sheets inside my daughter’s Spanish binder within a protector sheet […]

Teaching kids to recognize the color blue.

When it comes to teaching colors I implement a variety of strategies. I constantly point out colors to my youngest daily. Often I’ll ask her what shirt she wants to wear. The pink or the green for example. Recently I’ve started a color of the week theme in which we have a new focus color […]

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