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More Halloween themed coloring pages.

A fun way to add more reading throughout your young learners day is through coloring pages with simple sentences. The coloring pages below are kept simple to allow your young learners to use their imaginations and add their own flare to the pages. I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and any qualifying […]

3 more Halloween coloring pages.

It’s currently the end of August and my daughters are ready for Halloween. We’ve already started watching Halloween movies and coloring our Halloween coloring pages. I often find that coloring is a good time to throw in reading. My oldest daughter has always been stubborn when it comes to learning and finding things that interest […]

3 Halloween theme coloring pages for early readers.

My daughters enjoy the Holiday of Halloween. They enjoy all the creepy, scary things about it. So I decided to make them a few coloring pages to get in the mood for Halloween and give them something to practice their reading skills. I find by providing my daughters with coloring pages that have simple sentences […]

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