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Teaching months of the year and days of the week to young kids.

In the process of preparing my oldest for Kindergarten I’ve been having a hard time finding an engaging and organized method of teaching her the concepts of Months, Days of the weeks, Seasons, and Weather. I’ve made her several Daily Activity Journals. In which had pages she was suppose to fill out daily in which […]

Hedgehog emotional cards.

I posted awhile back my daughters hedgehog themed safe spot to calm down. I’ve recently made emotion cards to go along with the wall. To give my daughters and I more opportunity to talk about and safely deal with our emotions. The cards are meant to be used as a way to explore my oldest […]

Animals We See Outside Graph.

Now that it’s summer I have been trying to find fun outdoor activities to keep up on our preschool lessons. To make sure my oldest is fully ready for Kindergarten. We’ve been keeping up with our reading lessons, daily. We also try to count to 100 most days. Besides counting to 100 my husband and […]

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