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Learning through play: Restaurant theme.

My daughters are currently ages 2 and 6. My oldest is currently on her summer break before starting First Grade. Since we homeschool in or household it is hard to separate school from home life. I’ve been trying to keep both my kids learning and avoiding my oldest from the dreaded summer slide. Although since […]

Learning various skills through pretend play: Doctor Theme

Keeping my oldest daughter (age 6) engaged and interested in the learning process can be difficult at times. I often try to incorporate a play based approach to learning which helps tame her meltdowns and allows for a better learning environment. Since I also have a 2 year old tackling learning using a play based […]

Paper plates masks.

After her younger sister (age 2) goes to bed my oldest daughter (age 6) and I spend around 30 minutes to an hour together playing or experimenting with art nightly. During the day it’s difficult to play board games and create art using various supplies because my youngest is at the age in which she […]

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