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Save the brains; Zombie alphabet theme game.

My daughter recognizes and is able to recall the letters of the alphabet although at times she gets mixed up and it takes her time to remember each letter right away. Therefore I’ve been trying to come up with ways to add in alphabet activities throughout the day that are fun and entertaining for her. […]

My daughter’s homeschool kindergarten setup in her bedroom. A quiet space.

My oldest daughter was disapointed by the fact she wasn’t going to be attending a traditional school. She was looking forward to being around kids and making friends. Unfortunately for her online schooling is the predominate approach at the moment. My husband and I decided to enroll her in an already established online homeschool program […]

More apple themed coloring pages.

Apples and apple trees are the main theme I chose to go with for the month of September. Last week I made and printed off these five apple themed coloring pages for my daughters. Each coloring page contains simple sentences to help my oldest work on her reading skills in a fun less lesson based […]

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