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Reading coloring pages with shape monsters.

I often find adding in coloring pages within our school curriculum helps encourage my oldest (age 7) to read more throughout the day. It also gives my youngest daughter (age 3) more fine motor practice. Coloring pages are perfect on days in which the kids are just not interested in workbooks. My youngest is currently […]

Shapes board games for preschool age.

My youngest is learning her shapes. She often mixes up the square and rectangle. Therefore I made three different boards each covering three different shapes. I kept the rectangle and square separate so she could focus on each separately. How to play…1. A player rolls the dice.2. Move that number of spaces. 3. Call out […]

Sight word board game with Nana Hedgehog and friends.

Teaching sight words can be a struggle. I often get stressed out trying to keep a system in which I can keep track of which words to introduce while going back over other words my daughter has already learned. Sight words are words that are best memorized because they’re words most often found in written […]

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