Unicorn Salon; Scissor Skills

I’ve been looking for practical easy activities for my youngest daughter to practice her scissor skills. She loves unicorns and cutting her dolls hair. I try not to encourage her to do the latter cutting her dolls hair because obviously it doesn’t grow back. Which is a concept she still doesn’t understand. Therefore I decided to make our own unicorn dolls out of paper that she could cut hair.

My daughters chose to use dot markers to color in their Unicorns. My oldest is 8 therefore she’s able to cut everything out herself. While my youngest is 4 and she still needs assistance when it comes to cutting. If you’re looking for a quicker process you can cut everything out yourself and thread the yarn yourself. My daughters hole punched several holes all over their unicorns however for a quicker approach you could place one hole at the neck and one hole at the tail. The more holes they punched the more fine motor practice my daughters were able to get in.

This is the mess I had to deal with at the end of the process. My oldest has a tub filled of craft supplies that she just dumps out during every activity. My youngest participated long enough to get in some scissor practice but had given up as her sister continued with her project. Just remember nothing has to be perfect the more we expose our children to the more they learn. A few minutes of scissor practice is better than nothing.

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