Shape caterpillar to hide and find.

If your looking for a fun way to teach shapes to your preschooler then this printable shape caterpillar is a great place to start. You can hide the pieces around the house giving children a chance to move around and explore as they learn their shapes. My daughter enjoys finding the pieces and matching the correct body part to the correct foot. Which makes a great matching game as well. I often fine incorporating movement in with learning to be useful way to keep my daughters interested and motivated to keep learning.

I laminated the pieces so they would hold up to my three year old and last for longer than a day. That way we could hide the pieces over and over. Repetition is an important part of the learning process. If you want to opt out of laminating you could use them as scissor practice allowing your youngsters to cut the pieces out themselves and glue them onto a poster board. In which you can name the shapes with them as they place the pieces upon the poster and match the boots to the correct bodies.

Each shape body part has a matching foot to go along with it.

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