A diagraph puzzle.

To strengthen my daughters reading skills I have been going back over concepts to make the reading process easier for her. She is currently in First Grade and although she knows the sounds letters makes she often gets tripped up when it comes to diagraphs.

A diagraph is when two letters are put together and make one sound. For example ch in the word cheese is a diagraph. C goes /k/ and h goes /h/ when on their own. When the two letters are combined they make one sound like in cheese, much, and chill for examples. C and h can also make the sound /k/ as in chaos, school, and chronic. C and h when combined can also make the sound sh as in chef, machine, and brochure.

My daughters enjoy puzzles often to make the learning process a little more enjoyable I make and use puzzles that correlate with what we are working on. For diagraphs I made two sets of similar puzzles that I laminated for durability.

Diagraph puzzle with pictures and words. For my youngest daughter (age 3) to be introduced to the concept letters put together make words. Also to allow her to match the letters.
Diagraph puzzle with pictures. I made a set without pictures that way my oldest daughter had to concentrate on the sound each picture made rather than look at the way it was written.

As a parent that homeschools I often find myself having to re-teach myself therefore I often make myself simple charts to reference to keep me on track when I explain concepts to my daughters. In which I made a quick reference poster to explain what a diagraph is. I also made a chart that goes along with the puzzles.

A diagraph is when…
Diagraph chart.

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