Using early reading coloring pages to supplement our learning.

I started a letter of the week strategy with my youngest several months ago. Although we fell off the routine quickly because she wasn’t quite ready for a more strict routine. With her third birthday coming up in a few days I felt it was time to try again. This week we are starting with the letter Aa. A is for apple.

It can be a struggle to find activities appropriate for both my daughters that we can do together. I often turn to early reading coloring pages. In which I write simple words to caption an image they get to color. I know coloring doesn’t seem like learning, although it allows us an opportunity to spend time together having fun and getting a little extra learning in. Spending time together is a part of the reason why we chose to homeschool in the first place.

Today we used coloring pages to cover several skills at the same time.

-Sight words (Written on the early reading coloring pages.)
-Early reading
-Shapes (We used shape stickers on our coloring pages.)
-Colors (We talked about the colors we used to color with, and what color each shape was.)
-Fine motor skills (Coloring allows for teaching proper grip, adding in stickers gave extra fine motor practice as my youngest ripped the backings off each sticker.)
-Letter recognition (Aa is for apple coloring page.)

Today re-printed out some coloring pages I made last year for an apple theme learning unit. To represent Aa is for apple. We also got around to coloring our fun Birthday theme coloring pages. In which my daughters grabbed out fun shape stickers to add in as extra decorations. In which gave me an opportunity to add in shape recognition.

We used shape stickers to outline the letter Aa.
My oldest colored and read the sentence to my youngest.
Using shape stickers to decorate a Birthday cake. Allowing my youngest to improve her fine motor skills and work on shape recognition at the same time.
My oldest placed googly eyes all over the cake as she read the sentence to me.
During coloring time my oldest decided to draw a picture of a bear with a bee. She used googly sticker eyes in her picture.

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Click the image above to print out the free Birthday theme coloring pages.
Click image above to print out the free apple theme coloring pages.

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