Incorporating learning within art.

Learning time can often be a struggle in our home. My daughters are four years apart (2 almost 3 and 6 almost 7) which can make it challenging when trying to find activities that promote brain growth in my oldest while still being appropriate for my youngest. I try to supplement as much of our learning with activities appropriate for my youngest because otherwise I’m left sitting her in front of a screen to hold her interest and keep her from distracting her sister. In which recently my youngest had decided she felt like painting and my oldest having a great desire in the arts excitedly agreed.

Often in our home we use art as a way to calm ourselves and freely create whatever we want. As my daughters draw and create whatever they’re feeling at the time I often create art centered around the skills they’re working on. For example I draw several shapes and ask my youngest what they are, and frequently check in to see what colors she is using. Anything that she is unsure of I simply tell her for example “that is a square and it is easy to mistake it for a rectangle.” or “that color is red, and it’s easy to mistake that color for orange.”

My youngest helped me with my shape drawing by smearing the paint all over the paper.
Then she decided it was time to get up and stomp her feet. The thing about learning at home is you have to remind yourself not to take it to seriously and messes happen. It’s all about spending more time together and being productive at the same time.

My oldest is currently working on the concept of doubles (example 2+2=4, 3+3=6) and using doubles to solve other problems. I decided to paint pumpkins as a way to go over the concept with her.

Using pumpkin art for math review.

As my oldest painted I grabbed out our sight word index cards and had her read off our sight words of the week once I knew she was at a point in which she’d be willing to take a break from painting and read without frustration.
A is for alligator.
B is for ball.
C is for camel.
D is for dog.

My oldest decided to write a few letters and draw pictures to help her sister recognize the letters A, B, C , D. Which gave my oldest letter writing practice, a chance to practice letter sounds and to work on her drawing skills all at the same time.

I hope our painting time helped inspire a few ways to incorporate learning in a fun way throughout your day with your young learners. Remember it’s not the process that matters, if it’s sloppy that’s alright. If your young learner takes a break, struggles throughout the day, and your left pondering if your making the right choice. I say hang in there nothing is perfect just remember time is valuable and each moment spent teaching your young learners is not wasted even when they’re struggling, or you feel overwhelmed it’s ok. That time spent together is special and it’s ok if not every moment is perfect because at the end all that matters is the time spent together and the knowledge your young learners retain.

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