Sight word pocket wall.

Teaching my daughter sight words has been difficult. Trying to stay on track, and determining how many to teach at a time has been a challenging process for me. I’ve tried buying sight word cards in the past and I haven’t liked them. Most of the ones I’ve found have been double sided with different sight words on each side. I’ve tried creating a wall in which kept track of sight words she learned in which I quickly fell behind on. Recently I’ve decided to change my approach. I wrote sight words down on index cards list by list. In which I wrote which list the card was from on the back and the sight word on the front. Rubber banding each list together. I grabbed 6 dry erase pockets I already had on hand and placed them upon a wall in my daughters bedroom. I used 3 categories.

Categories for sight word wall…
1. Words that I know.
2. Words of the week.
3. Words that I do not know.

Sight word wall organized by dry erase pockets.
Sample of front side of sight word card.
Sample of back side of index card.

The way I went about it is I wrote down list by list rubber banding each list together. The first week I had my daughter read each card if she knew any already I placed it within the “Words that I know” category. Any cards she didn’t know I carried over into the following week. Week one I started with list one, she knew all those words therefore I placed them all in the “Words I already know” category and grabbed list two. The idea is that words placed within the “Words that I know” category I can quickly access grab out and use for review. It keeps my scattered brain in control of the situation and makes the process of teaching sight words less stressful for me.

If you yourself are finding it difficult to teach your child sight words and stay on track I hope my struggles can help inspire a process that works great for you and your young learners. Personally I know how stressful it can be. When it comes to how many sight words to introduce to your child a week that’ll depend on your kids attention span. You can start with five and if they seem willing to practice more at a time add more, if not try three a week. Work with your child where they are at and remember if the process feels overwhelming your not alone and keep at it.

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The velcro command strips and dry erase pockets are examples of what can be used to set up the sight word learning wall.
The sight word placemat is a helpful resource when it comes to teaching sight words.

Click image above for alphabet learning fun.
Click image above for sight words learning fun.
Click image above for reading play scene printable activities.

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