Making kid friendly scary art and a word pumpkin.

My oldest daughter (age 6) loves Halloween and anything involving arts and crafts. Which is often why I incorporate them within the learning process. Approaching the end of September my daughters already in the Halloween mood. Picking out her Halloween costume, and watching kid friendly scary movies. Therefore a Halloween craft activity involving writing and reading sight words felt perfect to keep my daughters attention and allow her to get lost in the creative process as she practiced sight words.

My oldest daughter struggles to stay focused during lessons. After we finish her school curriculum on the computer it’s difficult to hold her attention long enough to go over sight words. I’ve tried playing sight word games although often times she runs off agitated because she’s over school for the day. If your child is a creative type who strongly dislikes being told what to do and how to do it then trying to incorporate sight words within art may be a helpful tool for you as well. To get her to stay focused today I asked her if she wanted to make scary art to hang up through the house and the only criteria I expected of her was to write a sight word upon each monster.

I am a sight word pumpkin.

As my daughter created her scary art I made a sight word pumpkin with several sight words I wanted my daughter to read. It would also be a fun activity for a kid to make themselves and write their own sight words on the pumpkin. Although my daughter had no interest in creating her very own because she likes creating art her own way and dislikes following guidelines.

Supplies I used for the pumpkin.

Supplies for the pumpkin…
-glue stick
-construction paper

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Above items are my Amazon picks for Halloween movies, or sight word learning, or arts and crafts.

If your young ones enjoy arts and crafts and often struggles with sight words hopefully these Halloween theme sight word activities can spark some interest and inspire more art centric ideas to incorporating learning.

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