Animal shape puppets.

Yesterday I shared animal shape coloring pages I made for my daughters to color over the weekend. My daughters were excited about the coloring pages and decided they didn’t want to wait for the weekend and we went ahead and colored them today. My youngest insisted on making them into masks in which I suggested making them into fun little puppets instead. Which gave my daughters scissor practice for the day. Although my youngest (age 2) is still learning how to hold scissors properly I allowed her to cut the paper and then finished cutting out the animals.

Supply List For Puppets…
-Animal Shapes coloring pages
-crayons, markers, coloring pencils, etc.
-popsicle sticks

My oldest daughters puppets.
A puppet my youngest daughter made.
My youngest daughter claimed her puppets weren’t being nice therefore she had to rip them up.
Click the image above for the link to free animal shape coloring pages.
Outside for active learning.

After our mess was cleaned from the puppet making we headed outside for an active learning session. In which we played tag, went for a short walk, and my oldest made a fun maze with sidewalk chalk. She wrote out the words (start) and (finish) which gave her a chance to practice sounding out words in a way in which she approved. For extra learning you could add sight words throughout the maze and have your young learners read them as they walk upon each word to get to the finish line. In my household I only add in the amount I know my daughters will be willing to take on for the day. If I add to much outside of my daughters school curriculum in learning she gets upset and it’s a struggle to bring her back to a stable place in which we can get her to learn for the day.

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