Learning through play: Superheroes

To keep learning fun and engaging throughout summer break we have been taking a play based learning approach. My daughters often pick a theme in which we use within our lessons for the day. My daughters recently wanted to play Superheroes. (ages 2 and 6)

We used construction paper and popsicle sticks to make our own superhero masks. When finished we wrote out facts about our superhero which gave my oldest the opportunity to practice on her writing skills. I had my oldest read the facts I wrote down about the superhero my youngest and I made together.

Learning I was able to incorporate within the Superhero theme…
-color recognition
-shape recognition
-scissor skills

My oldest daughters Unicorn superhero mask.
Her unicorn had laser eyes, and could fly.
The Purple Cookie Superhero mask.

My youngest daughter came up with all the powers except for laser eyes. My oldest daughter added laser eyes to make the superhero a worthy partner in her eyes. It’s funny to stop and think like a two year old because eating an unlimited amount of cookies without getting sick would be a superpower. One that I never would have thought about. My youngest and I made the mask together. She picked out the colors to use which gave her an opportunity to work on her color recognition. I cut out the eyes as squares and ears as rectangles to incorporate shapes within the activity.

Colorful popsicle sticks.

I laid out colorful popsicle sticks for my youngest to choose from. I had her name each color as she chose which popsicle stick she wanted to use as the handle for the superhero mask.

As I cut out the eyes of the superhero mask my youngest poked holes in another piece of paper.
My youngest daughter added a pink mask to her mask because she insisted it needed one.
My youngest daughter practiced her scissor skills by cutting the masks hair. She’s still working on proper grip. She often tries to use two hands.

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