Simple craft activity making pretend fish.

Today I decided to try a craft activity to cover several subjects at the same time. Colors, shapes, scissor skills, tracing, creativity, counting and writing. It worked better than I had envisioned in my head. Although my youngest became bored early on I was able to hold her interest long enough to go over a few basic skills. We made fish without templates. I wanted an activity that allowed especially my oldest to use her imagination and create her own creations.

The activity was simple and I did it without prep. I simply asked my daughters if they wanted to pretend fish today and when they replied yes I then asked if they wanted to make their own fish. In which I gathered construction paper, markers, glue, scissors, and my oldest grabbed an old box. When finished you can count the fish with small children to practice counting. Using various construction paper colors gives an opportunity to mention colors. More variety the better. The fish can be cut into various shapes to add in shape learning. You could write sight words down on the fish to add in additional reading practice. Kids can write their own words on the fish for writing practice. The activity is limitless.

Fish in pond box.
Fishing with poles made out of paper and toilet paper rolls.
Adding in color and shape learning for my youngest. (age 2)
Adding in writing practice for my oldest. (age 6) By asking her to write out each fishes name.
My oldest making a shark for the box.
My oldest daughters fishing pole design.
Shark attack.

My youngest began to grow tired of art time. She began to throw a temper tantrum stating she wanted screen time. I often try to engage them in hands on activities throughout the day. To bring back her interest in the activity and steer her away from screen time my daughter put on a play. She placed a toy in the box and began to act as if it was under attack.

Drawing on toys.

I turned my head away from my youngest because my oldest wanted to show me the fishes she was creating and by the time I looked back it was to late she had already drawn all over a toy. I had brought out the toy trying to be silly to further bring her back into the activity and make her laugh. Unfortunately the doll became a casualty in the battle of keeping my daughter away from screen time. That’s why we use washable markers.

Giving the toy a bath to wash away the marker.

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