Last day of Kindergarten.

Today was my oldest daughters last day of Kindergarten. Since it fell on a Thursday I had to work, and my husband carried out the day as he usually does. When I got home he left for work and my daughters and I kept it simple and relaxed to start off summer break. We played outside, read together, played with modeling clay, and made decorations to celebrate Kindergarten graduation.

My oldest playing in dirt.
My youngest standing in a hole they both dug.

I’m not someone who tends to gravitate toward messy activities. Playing in dirt, and getting dirty. Since having kids I’ve just accepted it as it is. I have learned to go with it and let my kids enjoy themselves and worry about the mess of it all later. Which isn’t always easy for me, although eventually it just becomes a part of a normal day. The kids running outside and finding a dirty patch to dig in.

A homemade graduation banner.
My daughters decorating the banner together.

My oldest daughter spread out a wrapping paper roll and taped it to our living room wall. In which we all decorated together as a homemade graduation banner.

My daughters taped wrapping paper around the kitchen doorframe for more decorations to celebrate. Once my youngest went to sleep for the night my oldest made more items. She made a special necklace using yarn, and paper. She punched out two holes with a hole puncher on a piece of paper in which she then hooked string through it in order to turn it into a necklace.

My youngest daughter balled up modeling clay.
My oldest daughters modeling clay from today and previous days.
Plastic storage container for art projects.

My oldest daughter has strong emotions and when she gets upset it can become tense in our home. Today she got frustrated. In which I brought out the air drying modeling clay and my daughters began to create. It helps calm her down and gives her a safe place to work out her frustration. We create a lot of art in our house which is great although the downsize is trying to find a place to put it all. In which I began to store some of it in a plastic storage container.

Congratulations to all the kids that got through this year and to all the parents, caregivers, and teachers that stuck through it with them. Through the meltdowns and the craziness of navigating new situations and trying to figure out a different way to go about it all.

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I bought the fox container that came with air dry modeling clay for my daughters. Its cute and perfect size that it doesn’t take up to much space and everything stores inside it perfectly. The above storage tower is the type I use to keep my kids artwork in and well as their toys. We have them throughout our home.

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