Bee theme coloring pages for early readers.

My oldest daughter tends to panic when she sees spiders and other bugs and insects crawling around. Therefore I decided it felt fitting to learn all about bugs for the summer. To help make her a little less nervous around bugs by learning what they do and how they can be helpful.

I made several early reading coloring pages with a bee theme to get my daughter reading over the weekend that would go along with our summer theme we will be starting soon. When my daughter reads she gets really tripped up with sight words and often tries to sound them out. As a simple clue I bolded all sight words on the coloring pages that way she would know that it is a sight word and it’s a word best to be remembered rather than sounded out.

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The above markers and crayons are what I use with my youngest daughter (age 2) during coloring time. She was always getting into her older sisters (age 6) markers so I decided to buy her a set better suited for her age that would promote proper grip. The bees book is perfect for early readers such as my oldest daughter. It comes with just enough information yet not to much in which it is overwhelming to read. The box sets are perfect for early readers. I bought the Kindergarten set to cover levels a-d to help my daughter get through Kindergarten. The First Grade set I bought to prepare my daughter for what she will be expected to read in First Grade.

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