Making books for Mother’s Day.

Recently holidays have felt different and looked different than in the past. This year for Mother’s Day since my daughter’s haven’t been able to visit both their grandmother’s often it felt right to make presents this year. To be more sentimental than past years. We’ve always made cards, however this year we did more than usual. For the past few days my daughter’s have been busy making arts and crafts for their grandmothers for Mother’s Day. My oldest daughter made a book for each of her grandmothers.

Book making time!

To make the book we simply took 1 piece of construction paper and placed several pieces of printer paper on top of the construction paper. Folding the pile in half. Then we we placed three staples to bind the book together.

Inside of a book.

My oldest then wrote her own little stories. In which served great as her writing practice for the day.

Stamps in stacking cups time!

My youngest daughter was preoccupied placing stamps within counting cups instead of making books of her own.

Painting time!

They both made their own paintings for their grandmothers for Mother’s Day. Painting kept my youngest daughters focus unlike book making.

Happy Mother’s Day!
To all the mother’s and caregivers out there. Hope you all had a wonderful day.


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