A fun play dough competition during our nightly play time.

My husband and I spend the morning helping our oldest daughter through school as our youngest daughter is running around trying to get the attention back to her. In which we are constantly stopping and finding ways to incorporate our youngest within the process. To make sure she’s getting the proper amount of early education she needs for her age level.

Although we spend our day devoted to our oldest daughters education, I realized we don’t always stop and get much one on one time to just play together. Trying to play board games with a 6 year old becomes complicated when a 2 year old comes running up and snatching the pieces from us. In order to to spend more quality time with my oldest I have been setting aside a half hour to an hour of game time every night. In which she picks what we play. Recently she has been choosing hide n seek although I despise that game the rules of our game time is that I can’t decline. Tonight she decided to switch it up and chose to play with play dough. Although play dough is a huge mess to clean it has several benefits that makes the mess worth it to me.

Benefits of playing with play dough that makes the mess worth it to me…
-enhances creativity and imagination
-builds fine motor skills
-a great way to sneak in learning by adding letters, counting, shapes, colors etc.

Tonight she wanted to have a play dough contest. My oldest daughter wanted to make pizza and pies. Within the first use our dough ends up mixed together and we don’t currently have any solid colors left. In response my daughter decided we should make space pizzas and snow theme pies.

My daughters space pizza.
My space pizza.
My daughters snow theme pie.
My snow theme pie.

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Above images are dough sets we play with in our home that both my kids enjoy. The mat pictured above something I often bring out during arts and crafts time to keep the floor from getting messy.

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