Sight Words Beehive Game.

I’m always trying to find more ways to incorporate sight words through play. My oldest daughter (age 6) is often reluctant to read and practice sight words. However she enjoys playing games. I recently made a bee themed sight word game we could continue playing over the summer as well. My youngest daughter (age 2) enjoyed playing the game with us although she’s not old enough to read the words on the card she enjoyed grabbing the bees from the flower and placing them on her beehive card.

I made several cards sets to grow with my daughters age level. The game is great for review. Allowing my daughter to practice the words she’s already learned and become quicker at reading the words. The way we play the game is placing a pile of bee cards face down on the flower. Each player gets their own beehive. On my daughters turn she reads the card if she gets it correctly she places the bee on her beehive. If she reads the card incorrectly the bee card goes back on the flower. On my turn I have her read the card to me and if she gets it right she can keep the card for her beehive if she gets the card wrong I read it to her and place it within my beehive. The length of the game depends on how many cards you decide to start with. Which is determined by the child’s attention span and skill level. Once all the bees have left the flower each player counts their bees and whichever has the most wins the game.

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