Alphabet matching: Help the lowercase mouse eat the correct uppercase cheese.

Exposing children to letters early sets a strong foundation when it comes to learning to read later on. Especially in young children learning through play is a great strategy. With my youngest (age 2) my husbands the type of person who believes we should let kids be kids. He’s not always keen on worksheets and workbooks for a child her age. Therefore we’re always looking for fun play based strategies to teach her basic skills.

My youngest daughter likes animals. I decided to incorporate some sort of animal into an alphabet card game we could play together that would expose her to uppercase and lowercase letters at the same time. A game in which she could visually match them with their pair. I went with a basic concept of mice and cheese. The mice cards are lowercase and the cheese cards are uppercase. At my youngest daughters age I’d bring out 4-8 letters at a time. For older children to gain additional letter review and practice you could bring out all the cards at once and set a timer to see how many mice they could feed in under 30seconds to a minute or longer depending on the age of the child and how challenging you want to make the game.

After printing out the cards I laminated them for durability and then cut them all out. I always round the edges that way they don’t poke my kids hands when they’re playing with the cards.

For additional learning fun I added in mice number cards. Consisting of the numbers 1-10. I made matching cheese cards to feed the mice.

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