Easter theme counting and shape book for early learners.

With Easter coming up in a few weeks I wanted to make something that would be appropriate for both my daughters (age 2 and 6). My youngest is currently working on her shapes and numbers. Although my youngest can count to 12 I’m trying to go beyond rote counting (remembering numbers) to rational counting (connecting numbers to their quantity). My oldest daughter is learning to read which takes utilizing countless strategies daily. Therefore I made an early reading shape and counting book to color that could be stapled together and turned into a book.

What really helps my youngest with rote counting are counting videos. We tend to dance to learning videos. As a way to get exercise in as we learn. It really helps her to learn, and get up and move around. My oldest daughter has always been a reluctant learner and struggles to pay attention and stay focused. It was a struggle for her to pay attention and memorize counting to 20. She started off Kindergarten struggling to count. It wasn’t until recently that she could make it to 120. Our dancing to counting videos really helped her as well.

Here is a list of counting videos we listen to the most to give you more ideas to help your reluctant learners or your eager to learn young learners…

*Jack Hartmann Grandma and Grandpa count to 120
*Jack Hartmann Welcome to the Zoo count to 120
*Count from 1-20

Stapled together, or could be hole punched and strung together.

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The above egg toys are fun shape and number learning toys my daughters enjoy playing with.

Click image above for more shape learning fun.
Click image above for more number learning and counting fun.
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