A day of learning. Reminding myself that it’s ok to take breaks and enjoy the moment.

This week has been a struggle to keep my Kindergartener focus. Often when she feels overwhelmed she lashes out and refuses to finish her school lessons. Therefore today we took many breaks between her school lessons and added filler lessons of our own that allowed her some free expression. Art tends to help my daughters regain their focus and allow them to express themselves. After my daughter completed her Art requirements I allowed both my daughters to choose what they wanted to make, and what they would like to use for their art work. Today we used watercolors and dot markers.

My oldest daughters (age 6) artwork.

When finished I asked my daughter to tell me about her artwork. She explained to me that it was inspired by shapes.

My oldest daughter (age 6) artwork.

The above art piece she informed me was rainbow fingerprints with tadpoles and lily pads.

My youngest (age 2) artwork.

When finished I asked her to tell me about the painting. She had told me it was a dinosaur. Although her older sister had helped point out to her that it looked like a dinosaur. In which they decided it was a dinosaur climbing.

My children’s take on gym class.

As like many things gym class at home isn’t quite the same as a traditional gym class in school. I set timers throughout the day in which we spend 15-30 minutes at a time to devote to physical education. My daughter’s grab jump ropes, agility ladders and run around from one activity to the next. Sometimes we just dance, other times they jump on our indoor trampoline. Often they create obstacle courses. Today they played with jumps ropes, danced, and spent some time on the trampoline.

Songs we often listen to during dance time…
See it Say it Sign it by Jack Hartmann
Count to 120
Count 1-20
Days of the Week
The Floor is Lava
Gummy Bear Song

Making snowballs.
Outdoor time

We took a break outside before finishing my oldest daughters last school lesson for the day. I’ve learned it’s ok to take breaks and taking our time is fine. Rushing her only makes her more upset and causes it to take longer to get through lessons. Therefore we just spend the day as everything we do is a learning experience. Life is often taken so seriously and we forget to just enjoy the process enjoy life. Wrapped up in the notion of what everything must look like rather than enjoying each day.

When we got back inside our cat threw up on the trampoline. Pushing the urgency of finishing my daughters last lesson further back. As I cleaned up the mess, with my daughters screaming eww gross in the background. My oldest said “it sounded like he pooped.” Which I replied “No definitely throw up a hair ball.” Again learning at home is different than sending kids off to school in which they’re in an environment with other children their age learning at their level. At home there’s always random hiccups throughout the day.

At home with kids at different educational levels it can often be a struggle trying to find activities engaging and appropriate for both. Through all that though being able to spend extra time with my kids and having an opportunity to be a part of their learning process rather than sending them off to school feels rewarding. Even though most days are spent in chaos trying to keep my kids on track and focused. As my husband often states the most important thing is focusing on what’s going on right now not what will happen next. Reminding myself of that throughout the day it reminds me to enjoy the moment although crazy and chaotic if I focus on the moment with my daughters eventually tomorrow will come and yesterday wasn’t a waste they learned something no matter how small or simple.

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