Winter theme reading game.

My oldest daughter age six is often reluctant to do anything that feels like learning. Therefore I’m constantly looking for and trying to come up with games to incorporate reading throughout our day that doesn’t involve reading a book. I wanted an activity that would help my daughter sound out words faster and help her memorize sight words. I made a set of sight word cards, CVC cards for sounding out, and 12 picture cards with a Winter theme.

Winter theme picture cards
CVC cards
Pre-K sight words.

I placed orange dot stickers on the back of each Pre-K sight word card before laminating the cards for durability. I used the stickers as a way to easily identify which words belong to the Pre-K sight word list. As we play the game I take a note of what words she’s able to recognize. That way I can cross them off our sight word goal list.

Kindergarten sight word cards

I placed green dot stickers on the back of each Kindergarten sight word card before laminating them. The same as the Pre-K cards I wanted to be able to identify them easily that way I could quickly check them off the correct sight word list.

Cards placed in different piles.
Writing sentences using the cards drawn.
Sentences written on a dry erase board.

When we play the game we place the cards in three piles. Picture cards, CVC cards, sight word cards. We play with only 12 cards per pile. That way the game doesn’t become overwhelming. My daughter and I write out sentences using the cards we draw. When my daughter grows tired of writing out the sentences she’ll tell stories using the cards she chose from the piles. You can use the CVC cards, and sight word cards as standalone flash cards. I incorporate the picture cards because my oldest daughter is more likely to hold interest when she’s able to add her own twist to a game and create her own stories.

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