Happy Valentine’s Day!

Before children my husband and I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Now that we do have children we treat it as a family holiday. Prior years my husband would buy them a small gift usually a stuff animal hedgehog. This year he continued the tradition by buying both our daughter’s stuff animal hedgehogs. Since Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday we decided to make a full day out of it.

We played with dough.
We colored Valentine’s Day theme coloring pages. I shared the coloring pages in previous post. Link to that post will be towards bottom of page. : )
We made cupcakes, my oldest and I decorated them.
A bottle of sprinkles later, she was ready to reach in and eat them.

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Items above are items that we use at our house. I don’t bake much so we went the simple route and used a box mix. We used the chocolate cake version of the funfetti mix.

Click this image if your looking for Valentine’s theme coloring pages.
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