Letter of the week Bb.

For the letter of the week Bb I made a poster that contains different animals, foods, and the color blue. I also made a matching worksheet to go along with the poster. Throughout the week I show my youngest (age 2) the poster and emphasize the b sound in the beginning of each word. The matching worksheet I placed in a dry erase pocket that way we could reuse it throughout the week. With my oldest (age 6) I try to incorporate as much reading as possible in which she joined alongside her little sister to work on the matching activity.

Bb is for poster.
Bb is for matching worksheet placed in a dry erase pocket.

For a fun art and craft activity for the letter B my daughters and I made artworks of a beach. I try to keep art fun and not rigid in our house. My oldest enjoys being carried away by the process rather than being told what material she has to use to create art with. Therefore I told her for the letter b that we would make a beach and left it up to her to determine what she wanted to use in her artwork.

Bb is for beach.

My youngest and I made our beach artwork together.
Materials we used…
-blue construction paper
-dot stickers
-smiley face stickers

My oldest daughter’s age 6 Bb is for beach artwork.

Materials my oldest daughter used…
-blue construction paper
-dot stickers
-dot markers
-a variety of other stickers

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If you interested in more alphabet learning ideas click on the image below for more learning fun.

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