The number is two and the shape is a circle.

I recently started a more structuralized learning approach for my youngest daughter age two in which we have a weekly number and shape that we focus in on. The number I choose for the week corresponds with the week were on. Therefore week 2 the focus number was two and the shape was a circle. I made a coloring page for early readers that way my oldest daughter age 6 could practice her reading skills as my youngest traced the circles and colored them in. I also made an actual tracing page as well in which I added a section at the bottom with the word circle to practice tracing and writing letters. My youngest mostly scribbles all over the pages as my oldest practices her writing skills. With their age gap I’m often incorporating their levels as much as possible to get the most out of everything we do together.

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The mickey mouse clock serves several purposes in one. It introduces kids to colors, shapes, and the concept of time all at once which multitasking can be helpful when it comes to a child’s attention span.
The dry erase pockets I use to place the shapes tracing sheet inside to reuse throughout the week.

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