Teaching kids to recognize the color blue.

When it comes to teaching colors I implement a variety of strategies. I constantly point out colors to my youngest daily. Often I’ll ask her what shirt she wants to wear. The pink or the green for example. Recently I’ve started a color of the week theme in which we have a new focus color each week to concentrate on. For the color blue I made my youngest daughter age two a blue poster and a matching worksheet to go along with it.

I placed the the matching sheet within a dry erase pocket that way my daughter’s could use it several times throughout the week. Although my youngest is only two I still expose her to letters and words as much as possible because early exposure makes a significant difference later on. Also it gives my oldest daughter a chance to read as she helps her younger sister with the activity.

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Counting bears are a great tool because they can be used to teach colors, sorting, counting and teaching the concept of big and small all at the same time. The set pictured above is the set I use with my children.

If your looking for more color learning ideas click on any of the images below.

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