Reading to kids isn’t always easy.

Before I had kids I always thought as long as kids are provided with books and their parents or caregivers sat down with them reading would just be simple. An automatic enjoyment in a child’s life. I was wrong at least when it comes to my children. I always imagined that we’d sit down and read books as my kids sit in my lap and point to the pages in excitement. In actuality it hasn’t been anything like that. When I do get them to read it tends to be a chaotic mess of books all over the place.

I leave books out in the living room, each of their bedrooms, and even a few in their upstairs playroom. However they do gravitate towards the books often although not in terms of actually reading them. My daughters tend to grab out books to play book store in which the book store owners (my daughters) inform the customer (me) that the books aren’t suppose to be read. Other times they make book forts. Which I can rationalize as a way to build their imaginations and logical reasoning skills.

My daughter’s book fort.

Today I asked my daughters to pick out books to read and set a 20 minute timer. We were able to finish several books to the end. As usual my youngest shut a few and exclaimed “no, no,” as she took the book from me. In which we then turned to other more appealing books that she found acceptable for me to read. Certain books she wants all to herself, to point out the pictures in which she isn’t willing to share with her sister. I was surprised that when the timer went off they were still eager to pick out books to read from their pile.

My youngest allowed me to read the entire book of “Ten Little Ladybugs.” She even allowed me to count each ladybug, which is a big win when it comes to reading in our family. My daughter’s favorite of the Sesame Beginnings series is the book “Eyes & Nose, Fingers & Toes.” she had me read it several times in a row and enjoys acting out each part.

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My oldest brought out two of her favorite books in which we incorporated within our arts and crafts time for the day. “Dog man Grime and Punishment.” “Curious George Learns to count from 1-100.”

(I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and any qualifying purchases made through affiliate links I may earn a commission on at no additional cost to you.)

My oldest made a paper bag monster by following the steps provided in the book “Dog man Grime And Punishment.”

My daughter’s and I made paper airplanes by following the instructions provided in the book “Curious George Learns to Count From 1-100.” Getting my daughter to count to 100 was a struggle, she gets bored easily and lacks interest in learning. At first she was reluctant to sit down and read the book with me. Now she often asks for it as her bedtime book. Some pages she counts along. The book is neat because it allows the child to count along if they want while still being an actual story that makes sense as a cohesive whole in which if the child doesn’t want to count it works as well.

The point of this post is because I know as myself I need a reminder when I’m in the middle of the homeschool chaos struggling to keep my kids on track that it’s normal and nothing is perfect. Therefore I’m sharing my reading nightmare because sometimes what helps people the most is seeing the imperfection, and knowing that they are not alone. I don’t believe anyone has it all together and all figured out. We’re all just going at it one day at a time. Although I would like to be able to share with you the absolute best books to read with your child or children you teach I must be honest and admit with books as many parts of the educational process it is a child to child preference. However I hope some of the books I shared today may be worth utilizing with the children in your care. With anything stay patient and keep trying to incorporate reading within your day get creative have fun and try not to take it to heart if your child calls a book icky. Also if you don’t want to become a book hoarder check out your local library and explore their online collection.

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