Spanish for young learners Week 1

In order to teach my oldest daughter (age 6) Spanish I paired it to go along with my youngest daughter’s (age 2) preschool lesson plans. Week 1 consisted of Letter Aa, the number one, the color red, and the shape of a heart. That way it wouldn’t be an entirely separate lesson in which we’d need to chisel out more time in our day for. Since I paired it along with my youngest daughter’s lessons I used all the Aa words we practiced in English for week one as our main focus words to being to recognize in Spanish. Essentially our word of the week was apple since I don’t expect my oldest to remember every word we’ve talked about in Spanish. Since I myself am not fluent in Spanish and am learning as we go I make sure to place a translation in English that way I don’t have to stress myself out if I forget what a word is.

Spanish Week 1
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Above books are what I use as helpful resources to teach my children Spanish.

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