Week 1: Letter Aa, the color red, the shape is a heart, and the number is one.

My youngest daughter’s age 2 first week of a structured learning process included a letter of the week, shape, color, and number.

I stuck the page in a dry erase pocket to save on paper. Each week I erase and re-write the information for the present week.

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My youngest daughter received the “Teach my Toddler” learning kit from her grandparents for Christmas. We spend about 15-30 minutes at a time playing with the kit. She enjoys the foam puzzles. It’s a great addition to a structuralized learning program. She tends to choose to play with the shape puzzle the most. It allows an opportunity to talk about several shapes at once with her rather than just the focus shape. I like that it comes in a container to store everything and each theme is separated within it’s own pocket. The color puzzle is a bit off though the pink isn’t quite readable as pink. Therefore I use that as a way to explain that colors come in a variety of shades.

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