The number is one and the shape is a heart.

This week our focus number was one and the shape of the week was a heart to go along with the color red. My youngest daughter age 2 is currently learning her basic shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. I made two activities to talk about the number one and the shape of a heart.

I made one heart to trace and color with a sentence perfect for a beginner reader such as my oldest age 6. I try to keep in mind different levels as I create activities in a way to bridge the age gap between my children. They always want to be involved in each others lessons. My youngest is still at the scribble stage, in which she just enjoys scribbling. Markers although messy are her favorite. We just keep at it trying to get her to attempt to trace patterns.

The second activity I stuck in a dry erase pocket to reuse throughout the week. To work on tracing a heart and introducing my youngest to more letters. While getting my oldest to practice her writing skills.

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