Winter theme hide, find, and read characters.

My oldest daughter age 6 is currently in Kindergarten. Getting her to read and memorize sight words can be difficult. I’m always trying to find games anything to keep her interested long enough to help her remember all the words she has to remember by the end of Kindergarten. Every once and awhile I switch out characters we use for a game in which the characters are hiding with a word and my daughters have to find them. Since it’s currently Winter I chose characters that felt fitting for the Season.

I laminated each character that way we can switch out the sight words as often as my husband and I want. The way we play is we simply hide the characters throughout the house and allow our daughters to find them. My youngest age two helps find them and say what the character is for example if she picks up the snowman she says snowman. My oldest daughter reads the word written on the character each time she finds one. We play until they’re over the game and ready to move onto something else.

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The items shown above are my Amazon picks for learning and working on sight words. The laminator above is the one I personally use.

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