The Color Red

Recently I’ve decided to turn to a color of the week theme in order to teach my youngest daughter age two colors. The first color I chose was red because it felt fitting to go along with the letter Aa for (a red) apple. I made a simple red poster to print out and a matching activity to go along with it. I decided to stick them both into dry erase pockets that way I didn’t have to laminate them. By placing the matching worksheet in a dry erase pocket my daughters could use the worksheets several times throughout the week. When not in use I can keep them upon our learning wall to serve as a kid theme decorative art.

To add to a color of the week theme you can place red items in a jar or bucket to bring out throughout the week that kids can dig through and explore items that are red. You can play a fun game of I spy with the items. For example if you place a magnet with an apple on it in the bucket you could say I Spy something red that you can eat.

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The magnet set above are what I use with my kids for our educational magnetic wall. We use them for learning beginning sounds and color descriptions. Counting bears are my daughters top favorite toys to play with for color recognition, sorting, and math skills.

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If your looking for more color learning fun click on either of the images below.

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