Letter of the week Aa.

I’ve been working on a letter of the week focus, with my youngest age two and my oldest in Kindergarten I’m often distracted by my oldest daughters school lessons. Therefore I’ve decided to go ahead and start a letter of the week program for my youngest to keep me on top of exposing my youngest to letters among other important skills. I do not expect her to remember all the letters at her age, although I do think early exposure is important the more practice a child is given the better chance they will obtain the information later on. A basic foundation is the key to success when it comes to reading. Learning the letters, and their sounds is an important step on the pathway of learning to read.

A is for___ poster.
Matching worksheet

A simple matching picture to the word worksheet to go with the letter Aa poster. I placed the activity within a pocket sheet that way my daughters could do the worksheet several times throughout the week.

A fun inspired letter Aa cut and paste activity in which kids can color themselves.

I added in a simple T-Chart cut and paste activity that would introduce young children to the concept of T-charts, and briefly touch base on the fact the letter Aa makes two sounds. Short Aa, alligator, almonds, and apple. Long Aa, angel and acorn.

Creating fun Aa inspired art. No need to print anything out, read through instructions below to create an alligator with capital A and an apple with lowercase a.

When it comes to learning to write letters simple alphabet workbooks are helpful. For alphabet theme workbooks the dollar store is a great place to check out first. I recently found alphabet handwriting practice books, and beginning sound books, to pair with the printable activities I made at my local dollar store. If you don’t have a printer workbooks will work perfectly on their own to help young children learn to write letters. Also you can simply write several uppercase and lowercase A’s on a piece of notebook paper and allow kids to trace that.

(I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and any qualifying purchases made through Amazon affiliate links I may earn a commission on at no additional cost to you.)
Images above are my Amazon picks for helpful tools that help children practice and learn how to write the letters of the alphabet. The magnetic writing board is a great tool because it has arrows that guides young children through the proper formation of writing letters. Both my daughters are drawn to it because of the little magnetic beads.

Thanks for stopping by LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com. Please remember adult supervision is required for all activities found on LearningWithNanaHedgehog.com. Any printable activities found on LearninWithNanaHedgehog.com are for personal use only and are to be shared through original link. Hope these Aa theme alphabet printable activities and art ideas help guide you in any lesson plans your looking to introduce to your little learners. How much you do each week will depend on the child themselves. As long as your talking about letters, exposing them to books that’s all that matters. Anything you do will make a difference have fun and remember don’t stress yourself out over it. Early education can be overwhelming hang in there and keep at it with your young ones it’ll pay off for them when they’re in school. The more exposure at a young age the stronger their basic foundation will be for their future.

If your looking for more letter learning fun click the image below. Although it is Halloween theme, it can still be enjoyed all year round. My daughters enjoy getting up and moving around as they learn, as many young kids do. Take a look, print out the game for free and get up and move around as you teach the alphabet to young kids.

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