Snow People Monsters

For a fun art activity in which my daughter could take control and explore with different materials we attempted to make a snowman out of modeling dough. In our house the colors often become mixed together quickly. We didn’t have any white dough left. Therefore our snowmen transformed into monsters rather than snowmen. Art is suppose to be an expression of creation that is a result of trial and error not perfection. In our house we often use art time as a way to explore and allow our daughters to freely enjoy the creative process. My oldest becomes stressed when we approach every activity of our day in a strict manner she enjoys flexibility and a chance to create freely.

Items my daughter and I used to make our Snow People Monsters…
-various colors of modeling dough rolled into three balls
-googly eyes
-beads for nose and mouth
-popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners for the arms
-feathers to add wings
-a pom pom to be a hat on it’s head
-a piece of string and pipe cleaners as a scarf
-buttons to be used as the buttons on it’s body

Now if your someone who doesn’t like unrealistic looking arts and crafts activities which is perfectly fine everybody has their own approach to art and learning. In order to make a more realistic looking snowman you’d want to provide the child or children your sharing the project with a different set of materials than my daughter and I used.

A list of materials for a more realistic looking snowman…
-3 balls for snowman’s body made out of white modeling dough.
-Black modeling dough to make eyes, mouth and buttons to go on the snowman’s body.
-Orange modeling dough to make a carrot nose.
-Brown pipe cleaner cut in half to make two stick arms, or brown modeling dough to roll into two stick arms.

The dollar store is always my first recommendation when obtaining craft supplies, and or activity books. There’s often a wide assortment to choose from at an affordable price. However when my daughter first started school I went into a full panic trying to figure out everything she’d need for Kindergarten at home, also messes and clutter really stress me out. Therefore I had bought her a craft kit that came with plenty of craft supplies and a storage container to keep it all in. It works great for our small space, she can easily carry it throughout the house wherever we choose to create art, and then store it all back in it’s spot when finished. Picture shown below is of the craft kit I bought my daughter for school.

(I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and any qualifying purchases made through Amazon affiliate links I may earn a commission on at no additional cost to you.)
Play-doh kit above is a kit we often use in our house during our modeling dough time we have at least once a week.

Thanks for visiting Please keep in mind any activities shared on are meant to be done with adult supervision. When working with beads and other small items especially when it comes to children under the age of three as small beads pose a choking hazard adult supervision is required.

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