Zebras for a sight word wall.

As my daughter learns sight words we’ve been placing them on the wall. She wanted something that wasn’t plain. She chose animals as the theme. The first batch of animals she chose a unicorn, this time she chose zebras. Although zebras have black skin beneath their fur I left the zebra mostly white with black stripes, to allow for more space for writing the sight word.

The printable itself has no words on it, that way any words can be written on them. When finished writing the sight words I then laminate for more durability. After I cut them out and use tape to place each zebra on the sight word wall.

I recently wrote down her list of other animals she would like for her wall..
– cats

As I make them I’ll keep posting the printable for each sight word animal : )

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Images shown above are helpful guides/lists to help with sight word learning.

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If interested in unicorns for a sight word wall click the image below.

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