Setting up a sight word wall.

I have been planning on creating a sight word wall to display sight words as my daughter learns them. I fell slightly behind and am getting caught back up. She requested several different animals to go on her wall. The first batch of words are written on unicorns.

I made two versions one in which the unicorns are plain in which my oldest can color herself, and another set with a little color already on them just in case she wasn’t in the mood for coloring. After printing out the unicorns she wrote the words on them herself in pencil and I traced over in sharpie to make them stand out better. After she wrote the words I laminated them for durability.

Eventually I plan on turning the wall in her bedroom into a magnetic wall and placing magnetic stickers to the back of each word. That way she can rearrange the words any way she wants whenever she wants. Also it it will give her the opportunity to play pretend with the unicorns and read the words as she plays. Which provides her the opportunity to review what she has learned in a fun way on her terms. The more I stay on her terms the less of a headache learning becomes. Until then I simply placed tape to the back of them and placed each one on the wall as she learns more words.

Her next pick are zebras once I finish that batch I’ll share them in another post. : )

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If looking for more sight word learning fun click on the image of the animals below.

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